INL established the National University Consortium (NUC) in 2005 with partner universities Massachusetts Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, The Ohio State University, Oregon State University and University of New Mexico. NUC engages in collaborative research to strengthen the portfolios of INL and the universities w​ith the goal of furthering the nation’s strategic nuclear energy objectives, clean energy initiatives, and critical infrastructure security goals.


​​Create a laboratory component that stimulates technology discovery and time scales beyond the co​​​nstraints of current DOE missions, while establishing strong partnerships with the university research community.

Grow technology leadership reputation while building long-term capabilities, tools and techniques to advance nuclear technology.

​Establish links with NUC universities that will stimulate innovation and technical excellence, and a source of high-quality future employees.​


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Erin Searcy
Deputy Laboratory Director of Science and Technology,
Chief Research Officer (acting)

Phone: (208) 526-1378​
Email: erin.searcy@inl.gov

Dayna Daubaras
​NUC Deputy Director

Phone: 208-526-7152
Email: dayna.daubaras@inl.gov​​

Emi Walker
​NUC Communications Specialist

Phone: 208-526-6508
Email: emi.walker@inl.gov​​


Afton Coles​
​Administrative Assistant NUC

Phone: 208-526-6530