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​​Last Update: December 10, 2021


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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​Rovinelli, A., Messner, M.C., Parks, D.M., Sham, T.-L.
​Accurate Effective Stress Measures: Predicting Creep Life for 3D Stresses Using 2D and 1D Creep Rupture Simulations and Data
Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation
Dennett, C.A., Dacus, B.R., Barr, C.M., Clark, T., Bei, H., Zhang, Y., Short, M.P., Hattar, K.
The dynamic evolution of swelling in nickel concentrated solid solution alloys through in situ property monitoring
Applied Materials Today
​Paul, S., Muralles, M., Schwen, D., Short, M., Momeni, K.
​A Modified Embedded-Atom Potential for Fe-Cr-Si Alloys

​Journal of Physical Chemistry C

​Wu, W., Wang, L.-C., Hu, H., Bian, W., Gomez, J.Y., Orme, C.J., Ding, H., Dong, Y., He, T., Li, J., Ding, D.
​​Electrochemically Engineered, Highly Energy-Efficient Conversion of Ethane to Ethylene and Hydrogen below 550 °C in a Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Cell
​ACS Catalysis
​Wu, Z., Zaghloul, M.A.S., Carpenter, D., Li, M., Daw, J., Mao, Z., Hnatovsky, C., Mihailov, S., Chen, K.P.
​Mitigation of Radiation-Induced Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensor Drifts in Intense Radiation Environments Based on Long-short-Term Memory (LSTM) Network
​IEEE Access​
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North Carolina State University

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​Lin, L., Athe, P., Rouxelin, P., Avram​ova, M., Gupta, A., Youngblood, R., Lane, J., Dinh, N.​
Digital-twin-based improvements to diagnosis, prognosis, strategy assessment, and discrepancy checking in a nearly autonomous management and control system
​Annals of Nuclear Energy

​Xie, Z., Jiang, W., Wang, C., Wu, X.
​Bayesian inverse uncertainty quantification of a MOOSE-based melt pool model for additive manufacturing using experimental data
​Annals of Nuclear Energy​
​Rouxelin, P., Alfonsi, A., Strydom, G., Avramova, M., Ivanov, K.
​Propagation of VHTRC manufacturing uncertainties with RAVEN/PHISICS
​Annals of Nuclear Energy

​Langholtz, M., Davis, M., Eaton, L., Hilliard, M., Brandt, C., Webb, E., Hellwinckel, C., Samu, N., Hartley, D., Jones, D.

​Nth-plant supply: corn stover supplies and costs in a fleet of biorefineries
​Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining​
​Rahmati, A., Hosseinalipour, S., Yapici, Y., He, X., Guvenc, I., Dai, H., Bhuyan, A.
​Dynamic Interference Management for UAV-Assisted Wireless Networks
​IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

​Zhao, Y., Schoell, R., Zheng, C., Cinbiz, M.N., Frost, M., An, K., Kaoumi, D.
​Creep properties of advanced austenitic steel 709 determined through short experiments under in-situ neutron diffraction followed by TEM characterization
​Materials Characterization

The Ohio State University

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Morgan, B.W., Van Zile, M., Sabharwall, P., Burger, M., Jovanovic, I.
Post-irradiation examination of optical components for advanced fission reactor instrumentation
​Review of Scientific Instruments
​Pakarinen, J., He, L., Gan, J., Nelson, A.T., El-Azab, A., Khafizov, M., Allen, T.R.
​Proton irradiation-induced blistering in UO2
​MRS Advances

Oregon State University

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​Gupta, A., Armatis, P.D., Sabharwall, P., Fronk, B.M., Utgikar, V.​
​Kinetics of Ca(OH)2 decomposition in pure Ca(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2-CaTiO3 composite pellets for application in thermochemical energy storage system
​Chemical Engineering Science
​Foley, A., Yang, H.
​Short-lived photofission product yields from 238U and 232Th at Bremsstrahlung X-ray endpoint energies of 8, 14, and 20 MeV for nuclear forensics isotope production applications
​Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment

University of New Mexico

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​Radhakrishnan, M., Kombaiah, B., Bachhav, M.N., Nizolek, T.J., Wang, Y.Q., Knezevic, M., Mara, N., Anderoglu, O.
Layer dissolution in accumulative roll bonded bulk Zr/Nb multilayers under heavy-ion irradiation
Journal of Nuclear Materials

Guillen, D.P., McDaniel, P.J.
An evaluation of power conversion systems for land-based nuclear microreactors: Can aeroderivative engines facilitate near-term deployment?
Nuclear Engineering and Technology