INL Capability Highlight: TAP Reactor System for Materials Characterization

TAP Reactor being demonstrated

​What is a TAP reactor?

The Temporal Analysis of Products (TAP) provides a totally different way of looking at catalysis and materials science problems. It does this by using a probe molecule pulse response to analyze complex reaction kinetics. Fewer than 20 TAP systems exist in the world, and only three, including the system at INL, reside in the U.S.

Why the TAP reactor?

TAP tackles the most challenging catalysis and material science challenges by providing a precise methodology for evaluating complex industrial materials (direct from an operating environment) with a detailed intrinsic kinetic characterization of individual reaction steps.

Why partner with INL?

In addition to having the only TAP "user program" in the country, INL has world-class TAP expertise for solving realworld problems and scale up challenges, with commercial success as the goal.

How is the TAP accessed?

The TAP reactor system is located in the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, a public research facility that can be accessed by researchers at other national laboratories, academia and industry.

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Date Published: 2017-06-05T06:00:00Z