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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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​Gaston, D.R., Forget, B., Smith, K.S., Harbour, L.H., Ridley, G.K., Giudicelli, G.G.
​Method of Characteristics for 3D, Full-Core Neutron Transport on Unstructured Mesh
​Nuclear Technology​
​J. Buongiorno, R. Freda, S. Aumeier, K. Chilton
​A Strategy to Unlock the Potential of Nuclear Energy for a New and Resilient Global Energy-Industrial Paradigm
​Forsberg, C.W., Dale, B.E., Jones, D.S., Hossain, T., Morais, A.R.C., Wendt, L.M.

​Replacing liquid fossil fuels and hydrocarbon chemical feedstocks with liquid biofuels from large-scale nuclear biorefineries
​Applied Energy
​Bailly-Salins, L., Borrel, L., Jiang, W., Spencer, B.W., Shirvan, K., Couet, A.
​Modeling of High-Temperature Corrosion of Zirconium Alloys Using the eXtended Finite Element Method (X-FEM)
​Corrosion Science​
​Wiser R., Bays S.E., Yoon S.
​Thermal-striping analysis methodology for sodium-cooled reactor design
​International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer​
​​Li M., Hua B., Wang L.-C., Sugar J.D., Wu W., Ding Y., Li J., Ding D.
​​Switching of metal–oxygen hybridization for selective CO2 electrohydrogenation under mild temperature and pressure
​Nature Catalysis
​Dong Y., Yang H., Zhang L., Li X., Ding D., Wang X., Li J., Li J., Chen I.-W.
​Ultra-Uniform Nanocrystalline Materials via Two-Step Sintering
​Advanced Functional Materials​​
​Paul S., Schwen D., Short M.P., Momeni K.
​Effect of Irradiation on Ni-Inconel/Incoloy Heterostructures in Multimetallic Layered Composites
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
​Che Y., Wu X., Pastore G., Li W., Shirvan K.
​Application of Kriging and Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo method for improved prediction of doped UO2 fission gas release
​Annals of Nuclear Energy
​Gao R., Jin M., Li Q.-J., So K.P., Zhang L., Wang X., Fang Q., Sun C., Shao L., Li J.
​Hybrid diffusive-displacive helium outgassing in Cu/Nb multilayer composites
​Scripta Materialia
​Cooper, M.W., Pastore, G., Che, Y., Matthews, C., Forslund, A., Stanek, C.R., Shirvan, K., Tverberg, T., Gamble, K.A., Mays, B., Andersson, D.A.
​Fission gas diffusion and release for Cr2O3-doped UO2: From the atomic to the engineering scale​
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
​Bao, H., Feng, J., Dinh, N., Zhang, H.
​Deep learning interfacial momentum closures in coarse-mesh CFD two-phase flow simulation using validation data
​International Journal of Multiphase Flow
​Dong, Y., Huang, Y., Ding, D., Wu, W., Yao, X., Li, J.
​Chemical and structural origin of hole states in yttria-stabilized zirconia
​Acta Materialia
​Sun, C., Wang, Y., McMurtrey, M.D., Jerred, N.D., Liou, F., Li, J.

​Additive manufacturing for energy: A review​
​Applied Energy​
​Forsberg, C.W., Bragg-Sitton, S.M.
​Maximizing clean energy use: Integrating nuclear and renewable technologies to support variable electricity, heat, and hydrogen demands
​Buongiorno J., Corradini M., Parsons J., Petti D.

​Guest editors’ note the role of nuclear energy
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North Carolina State University

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​Cooper, M.W.D., Gamble, K.A., Capolungo, L., Matthews, C., Andersson, D.A., Beeler, B., Stanek, C.R., Metzger, K.
​Irradiation-enhanced diffusion and diffusion-limited creep in U3Si2
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
​​Mikkelson, D., Frick, K., Bragg-Sitton, S., Doster, J.M.​
​Phenomenon Identification and Ranking Table Development for Future Application Figure-of-Merit Studies on Thermal Energy Storage Integrations with Light Water Reactors
​​Nuclear Technology
​Ding, H., Dai, H., Guvenc, I., Bhuyan, A.

​Outage Analysis for Cooperative mmWave UAV Communications with Beam Training Overhead
​IEEE Wireless Communications Letters
​Beeler, B., Mahbuba, K., Wang, Y., Jokisaari, A.
​Determination of Thermal Expansion, Defect Formation Energy, and Defect-Induced Strain of α-U Via ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
​Frontiers in Materials
​Hu, S., Beeler, B.

​Gas Bubble Evolution in Polycrystalline UMo Fuels Under Elastic-Plastic Deformation: A Phase-Field Model With Crystal-Plasticity
​Frontiers in Materials
​Gamble, K.A., Pastore, G., Cooper, M.W.D., Andersson, D.A., Matthews, C., Beeler, B., Aagesen, L.K., Barani, T., Pizzocri, D.
​Improvement of the BISON U3Si2 modeling capabilities based on multiscale developments to modeling fission gas behavior
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
​Mahbuba, K., Beeler, B., Jokisaari, A.

​Evaluation of the anisotropic grain boundaries and surfaces of α-U via molecular dynamics
​Journal of Nuclear Materials​​
​​Lin L., Bao H., Dinh N.

​Uncertainty quantification and software risk analysis for digital twins in the nearly autonomous management and control systems: A review
​Annals of Nuclear Energy
​Yapici Y., Rupasinghe N., Guvenc I., Dai H., Bhuyan A.
​Physical Layer Security for NOMA Transmission in mmWave Drone Networks
​IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology​
​Park G., Beeler B., Okuniewski M.A.​

An atomistic study of defect energetics and diffusion with respect to composition and temperature in γU and γU-Mo alloys
Journal of Nuclear Materials
​Hossain T., Jones D., Hartley D., Griffel L.M., Lin Y., Burli P., Thompson D.N., Langholtz M., Davis M., Brandt C.
​The nth-plant scenario for blended feedstock conversion and preprocessing nationwide: Biorefineries and depots
​Applied Energy​
​Abou-Jaoude A., Walker S.A., Bhaskar S., Ji W.
​Feasibility Assessment of a Natural-Circulation Salt Irradiation Loop in the Advanced Test Reactor
​Nuclear Technology
​Lin L., Athe P., Rouxelin P., Avramova M., Gupta A., Youngblood R., Lane J., Dinh N.
​Development and assessment of a nearly autonomous management and control system for advanced reactors
​Annals of Nuclear Energy
​Beeler B., Cooper M.W.D., Mei Z.-G., Schwen D., Zhang Y.
​Radiation driven diffusion in γU-Mo
​Journal of Nuclear Materials​
​Maeng S.J., Deshmukh M.A., Guvenc I., Bhuyan A., Dai H.
​Interference Analysis and Mitigation for Aerial IoT Considering 3D Antenna Patterns
​IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
​Che, Y., Wu, X., Pastore, G., Li, W., Shirvan, K.
​Application of Kriging and Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo method for improved prediction of doped UO2 fission gas release
​Annals of Nuclear Energy
​Beeler, B., Andersson, D., Jiang, C., Zhang, Y.
​Ab initio molecular dynamics investigation of point defects in γ-U
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
​Bao, H., Feng, J., Dinh, N., Zhang, H.
​Deep learning interfacial momentum closures in coarse-mesh CFD two-phase flow simulation using validation data
​International Journal of Multiphase Flow
​Benson, M.T., Harp, J.M., Xie, Y., Yao, T., Tolman, K.R., Wright, K.E., King, J.A., Hawari, A.I., Cai, Q.
​Out-of-pile and postirradiated examination of lanthanide and lanthanide-palladium interactions for metallic fuel
​Journal of Nuclear Materials​​

The Ohio State University

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​Jin, M., Khafizov, M., Jiang, C., Zhou, S., Marianetti, C.A., Bryan, M.S., Manley, M.E., Hurley, D.H.

​​Assessment of empirical interatomic potential to predict thermal conductivity in ThO2and UO2
​Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

Chuirazzi, W., Craft, A., Schillinger, B., Boulton, N., Papaioannou, G., Smolinski, A., Riley, K., Smolinski, A., Ruddell, M.
​Performance Testing of Dysprosium-Based Scintillation Screens and Demonstration of Digital Transfer Method Neutron Radiography of Highly Radioactive Samples
Nuclear Technology
​Bawane K., Liu X., Yao T., Khafizov M., French A., Mann J.M., Shao L., Gan J., Hurley D.H., He L.
​TEM characterization of dislocation loops in proton irradiated single crystal ThO2
​Journal of Nuclear Materials
Wang Y., Khafizov M.
Shear wave generation by mode conversion in picosecond ultrasonics: Impact of grain orientation and material properties
Journal of the American Ceramic Society
​Mandelli D., Alfonsi A., Wang C., Ma Z., Parisi C., Aldemir T., Smith C., Youngblood R.
​Mutual Integration of Classical and Dynamic PRA
​Nuclear Technology
​C.A. Dennett, W.R. Deskins, M. Khafizov, Z. Hua, A. Khanolkar, K. Bawane, L. Fu, J.M. Mann, C.A. Marianetti, L. He, D.H. Hurley, and A. El-Azab
​An integrated experimental and computational investigation of defect and microstructural effects on thermal transport in thorium dioxide 
​Acta Materialia
​He L., Khafizov M., Jiang C., Tyburska-Püschel B., Jaques B.J., Xiu P., Xu P., Meyer M.K., Sridharan K., Butt D.P., Gan J.
​Phase and defect evolution in uranium-nitrogen-oxygen system under irradiation
​Acta Materialia
​Chauhan V.S., Pakarinen J., Yao T., He L., Hurley D.H., Khafizov M.
​Indirect characterization of point defects in proton irradiated ceria
​Deskins W.R., Hamed A., Kumagai T., Dennett C.A., Peng J., Khafizov M., Hurley D., El-Azab A.

​Thermal conductivity of ThO2: Effect of point defect disorder
​Journal of Applied Physics
​Craft, A.E., Chuirazzi, W.C., Grünzweig, C., Morgano, M., Lehmann, E.H.
​Initial development and testing of dysprosium-based scintillators for digital transfer method neutron imaging
​Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment​

Oregon State University

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​Gupta, A., Armatis, P.D., Sabharwall, P., Fronk, B.M., Utgikar, V.​
​Kinetics of Ca(OH)2 decomposition in pure Ca(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2-CaTiO3 composite pellets for application in thermochemical energy storage system
​Chemical Engineering Science
​Foley, A., Yang, H.
​Short-lived photofission product yields from 238U and 232Th at Bremsstrahlung X-ray endpoint energies of 8, 14, and 20 MeV for nuclear forensics isotope production applications
​Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment​
​Duenas, A., Wachs, D., Mignot, G., Reyes, J.N., Wu, Q., Marcum, W.
​Dynamical System Scaling Application to Zircaloy Cladding Thermal Response During Reactivity-Initiated Accident Experiment
​Nuclear Science and Engineering​
​Vo H.T., Dang K., Teng F., Schneider M., Eftink B.P., Maloy S.A., Tucker J.D., Capolungo L., Hosemann P.
​Deformation twinning versus slip in Ni-based alloys, containing Pt2Mo-structured, Ni2Cr-typed precipitates
​Materials and Design
Cicilio P., Glennon D., Mate A., Barnes A., Chalishazar V., Cotilla-Sanchez E., Vaagensmith B., Gentle J., Rieger C., Wies R., Kapourchali M.H.
​Resilience in an evolving electrical grid
​Gupta A., Armatis P.D., Sabharwall P., Fronk B.M., Utgikar V.
​Energy and exergy analysis of Ca(OH)2/CaO dehydration-hydration chemical heat pump system: Effect of reaction temperature
​Journal of Energy Storage​
​Cicilio P., Cotilla-Sanchez E., Vaagensmith B., Gentle J.
​Transmission Hosting Capacity of Distributed Energy Resources
​IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
​Armatis P.D., Gupta A., Sabharwall P., Utgikar V., Fronk B.M.
​A chemical-absorption heat pump for utilization of nuclear power in high temperature industrial processes
​International Journal of Energy Research
​Gupta A., Armatis P.D., Sabharwall P., Fronk B.M., Utgikar V.
​Thermodynamics of Ca(OH)2/CaO reversible reaction: Refinement of reaction equilibrium and implications for operation of chemical heat pump
​Chemical Engineering Science
​Huntington-Klein N., Arenas A., Beam E., Bertoni M., Bloem J.R., Burli P., Chen N., Grieco P., Ekpe G., Pugatch T., Saavedra M., Stopnitzky Y.
​The influence of hidden researcher decisions in applied microeconomics
​Economic Inquiry
​Stamberga, D., Healy, M.R., Bryantsev, V.S., Albisser, C., Karslyan, Y., Reinhart, B., Paulenova, A., Foster, M., Popovs, I., Lyon, K., Moyer, B.A., Jansone-Popova, S.
​Structure Activity Relationship Approach toward the Improved Separation of Rare-Earth Elements Using Diglycolamides
​Inorganic Chemistry​​​

University of New Mexico

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​Mamun S., Hansen J.K., Roni M.S.
​Supply, operational, and market risk reduction opportunities: Managing risk at a cellulosic biorefinery
​Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

​Morris J., Cowen B.J., Teysseyre S., Hecht A.A.
​Molecular dynamics investigation of threshold displacement energies in CaF2
​Computational Materials Science