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University Highlight: MIT's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research

​Established in 1977, the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology focuses on research related to energy and environmental policy. According to its website, "research at CEEPR is driven by its affiliated faculty and research staff," with projects and research outputs covering a wide range of research areas such as grids and infrastructure, carbon pricing, and energy efficiency.

In addition, CEEPR has two specific focus projects: Evidence for Action on Energy Efficiency (E2e) and Utility of the Future.

E2e is a joint project with CEEPR and the Energy Institute at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. This goal of this project is to address the "energy efficiency gap," or the difference between predicted and actual energy savings when energy efficiency is implemented, with the overall objective of understanding "the difference between what is technically possible and what is practically achievable for energy efficiency," according to the project's website.  

The second project's, Utility of the Future, objective is evaluating how a complex network of factors, such as policy and technology, impact the delivery of electricity services. The goal of the project is to supply decision makers, from regulators to business owners, with the current state of power system drivers in order to allow them to make informed decisions.

For more information about CEEPR and their research, visit their website at

Date Published: 2017-12-04T07:00:00Z